CJDPT 2011 Trade Til You Fade Vinylmation Set

This is a 3″ figure set I made for the Central Jersey Disney Pin Trader’s 2011 Trade Til You Fade event.  In the lower right corner you will see the artwork for the pin designed for the event.  In true Disney fashion, I wanted the vinyl to tell a story, and have a lot of detail.  I had the idea of creating two 3″ figures trading a pin.  The event  pin’s design was tremendous, and I adapted it to help tell the story.  The set  features a girl, holding a coffee cup, and a boy holding a miniature version of the event pin.  Both wear lanyards with Mickey lanyard metals.  Accross the 4 ears are the words, “Trade Til You Fade.”  Picking up on the Day/Night theme, I made the girl represent night, and that is why she’s the one in darker colors and is the one holding the coffee.  The coffee cup has “CJDPT” on it, as well as the dates of the event.  The boy, who represents day, is in bright colors.  It is hard to see, but the back of the pin he’s holding even has a miniature Mickey pin back!  It was hard to capture in a photograph.  When you look at the backs of the figures the ears now give the year, 2011.  On the back of the boy is a full version of the sun from the event pin, and on the back of the girl is the moon and stars.

The set was awarded to a very nice young lady as part of a raffle at the event.


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