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Vinny’s Interviews: Asking Vinylmation the Tough Questions!

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Meet Vinny L. Mation, the Vinylmation Station Reporter!

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Hello Vinylmation collectors!  My name is Vinny L. Mation, and I’m the new reporter for the Vinylmation Station.  Who better to bring you all the Vinylmation news than a Vinylmation? 

I was born and raised in Vinyland, USA.  I wanted to be a reporter ever since I was a young Vinylmation Jr.  At Vinyland High School I was the AV boy and was head of the yearbook committee.  When I was at the University of Vinyland, I worked at the school’s radio station, WVNL, where I covered Vinylmation Sports and Billiards.  I even doubled as their food critic, providing critiques on things like Vinylmation Condiments and Ice Cubes.  Eventually, I was sent around town to report on Urban Vinylmation, and my story, “Vinylmations Are NOT Beanies!” garnered much attention.  Upon graduation, many classmates went off to cover trading on Wall Street for small cable networks like CNN and MSNBC.  I, on the other hand, was lucky to be hired by the illustrious Vinylmation Station to cover trading at  D Street!  The rest is history!

Listen to me on the Disney Pincast!

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This week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by John Rick for episode #145 of the Disney Pincast, the first and only podcast dedicated to the collecting and trading of pins.  The topic of discussion was a Ten Pin list of Dreamfinder pins!  Of course that did lead to some discussion about Vinylmation and an idea I had for a Disney pin.  You can donload the podcast here.

Who is Vinny?

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Vinylmation Villains

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I don’t usually post Disney designed vinyls on this site, but these are too cool!

When I See an Elephant Fly.

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I thought it would be fun to show a work in progress.  This one is of me on the Dumbo ride.  I don’t usually like to work with 9″ figures, but the design leaves no other choice.  Below is an image of the design on the blank vinyl and next to it is an image of the original sketch on a blank template.