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Once there were three young ducks who wanted their uncle to buy them the latest video game console with motion sensing technology.  Since he was a thrifty duck, the uncle tried to build them his own game console instead.  To his surprise, not only did his homemade creation scan his movements, it scanned him right into the digital world where he became Tronald!  While his three nephews were disappointed not to get the console they wanted, they sure had fun putting Tronald through all kinds of video game trials on the Game Grid!


Winnie the CLOOH

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One day, a silly ol’ bear tried to digitize a pot of hunny so he could replicate an infinite supply without having to worry about getting stuck in tress or stung by bees.  Unfortunately, the honey spilled from the pot, causing the computer to go haywire and digitize the bear.  Now, trapped in the Hundred Acre Grid, Winnie the Clooh is desperate to escape back to his home!

Tune in to Hear Me on the Vinylmation Station!

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With the newly released episode 6, the Vinylmation Station is back with a new format!  Presented by the WDWNT Network, the Vinylmation Station is the first podcast dedicated to the collecting, trading, and creation of Vinylmation.  It is hosted by Tom Corless and John Rick, and this month they interviewed custom artists, Chris Avalos, and yours truly!  Check out the episode at!