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WDWNT The Vinyl

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WDW News Today (or WDWNT) is a great Disney podcast, and if you listen to the show they have a running joke of naming things for the show like WDWNT the Weekend, WDWNT the Flag, WDWNT the Theme Song, etc.  So here I bring you WDWNT the Vinyl!  It also happens to double as WDWNT the Chaser….


These Customs are of Grave Concern!

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In the ’70’s I loved the little tombstones they sold at the Haunted Mansion that had cute epitaphs and could be customized with your name.  They inspired me to create these customized Vinylmation Tombstones.  The very first set were created as gifts for friends, so the names are blocked out.  They read, “HERE LIES (man’s name) BELOW HIS FINAL CUSTOM VINYL, and HERE LIES (woman’s name) NO CHASER CAN REPLACE HER.” 


The second image shown is of a new commissioned piece and reads, “HERE LIES EZRA, DIED AS HE HITCHED A RIDE.”

If you are interested in memorializing yourself with your own personal Vinylmation Tombstone, please let me know and we can make final arrangements!

Some Imagination, Huh?

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Here are pics of the finished Fantasmic 3″/1.5″ set.

Check Out My Article in Celebrations Magazine!

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I had the honor of writing the article entitled Vinylmation Celebration in issue 13 of Celebrations magazine.  It gives a brief history of the hobby and summarizes some of the existing and upcoming releases.  Check it out at